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Own Villa – a culinary feast while unwinding from our own busy life

Ohhh Bali. With your lush green sceneries, your kind people, your gorgeous beaches and your fingerlickingly good food. I can’t describe how great it feels to be back at this calming Indonesian island. And as if all this goodness isn’t enough, I met up with my cousin/best friend after not having seen each other for eight months. And yes – it did get even better than that because we had the privilege of staying at Own Villa.

A warm and delicious welcome
When we arrived at Own Villa we were greeted with a huge smile by the friendly and oh-so attentive staff. We got treated to a fruity welcome drink and got a bite of the best spring rolls we ever tasted (not exaggerating). Little did we know we were in for some more culinary highlights in the days that were yet to come…

Perfectly located Paradise
Own Villa is located in between Seminyak and Canggu, in the middle of beautiful greenery. It is made up of 4 private villas that look like a mixture of traditional Indonesian houses with a touch of Harry Potter and a hint of Lord of the Rings. All Villas have their own outdoor bathroom and, oh my, this bathroom is gorgeous. The decoration is a mix of Balinese influences combined with Roman features, which clearly resembles the Italian origin of the founders. Every villa has a four-poster bed, a cozy dining area and plenty of closet space.

All four villas are located right at or very close to the pool, which is a sight for sore eyes itself. There are plenty of sun beds to soak up the Balinese sun, and if you’re getting too hot (which you will) you can go for a cooling swim in the beautifully shaped pool. I spent most of my days here, unwinding from the busy Sydney life.

Good food = good mood
Food. I love food. I can never get enough of food. Did I mention something about mouthwateringly good spring rolls before? It only got better. Often the sweet staff surprised and spoiled us by treating us to small bites such as banana cake and tea or delicious crackers with different types of tapenade. If I could buy that mushroom tapenade somewhere I’d stock up on it for dear life.

Every night before I went to sleep I was already looking forward to breakfast the next morning. Fresh fruit and yoghurt, delicious jam and sunny-side-up-eggs were my first fuel of the day, and included in the stay.

For lunch and dinner you can go into Canggu or Seminyak, but I’d recommend you to stay at Own Villa. After breakfast you can let the staff know if you’d like to have lunch and/or dinner at the Villa, and what you preferred meal is. They will then go out and buy all the ingredients for you, and knock up that delicious three course meal. And the wonderful thing is: you only pay for the ingredients!

My cousin and I both enjoyed a lunch and two dinners at Own Villa. It was SO good! The Gado Gado for lunch didn’t only taste amazing but also looked like every food bloggers’ dream, and the three course dinner was a feast for the tastebuds.

After three wonderful days it was time for us to leave Own Villa and continue our Bali travels elsewhere. I absolutely enjoyed my time at this wonderful accommodation, and if you’re looking for a private and relaxing getaway in Bali, then I’d highly recommend you checking out this lush piece of paradise.

❤ Eef

Disclaimer: This blog is part of a collaboration, which included a complimentary stay at Own Villa. However, the initiative of this collaboration was taken by me and all opinions are 100% mine and 100% genuine.

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