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A guide to Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point

I am one of the fortunate people who get to call Kangaroo Point their home here in Australia. I moved into a nice little shared house with people from all different nationalities. Kangaroo Point is a suburb in Brisbane and is located very close to the CBD (central business district). Even though KP is quite a small suburb, it’s definitely not a place where you’ll get bored easily. I’ll tell you all about on where to go, what to see and where to stay in this blog.

What’s in a name? Kangaroo Point Park
Even though you’re not very likely to spot any kangaroos in inner Brisbane, Kangaroo Point Park is just as entertaining as watching a few of those Aussie animals jump around. You can walk along the cliffs and enjoy one of the best views of Brisbane’s CBD, or you can head down to Kangaroo Point Park to engage in some more adrenaline rushing activities. Watersport lovers and rock climbing fanatics are at the right spot in Kangaroo Point Park, but also cyclists or joggers often make use of this green and serene city park. And at the end of the day there is no better place in Brisbane to see the sun go down. And I live only a couple of minutes away from this park. How lucky am i?! 🙂

Coffee, anyone?
Australians know how to make a mean cup of Flat White, Cappuccino or any kind of coffee you can think of. Kangaroo Point is also home to a couple of nice coffee bars, and I’ll list my favorites.

– Beartown Coffee House
Located on Main Street this coffee bar is super easy to find and has a lovely terrace where you can watch the world go by. I often go here to enjoy a large Latte and to work on my blog, in fact: I’m sitting there as I’m writing this right now! The staff is super friendly and the coffee is delicious.

– 33 Brisbane
If you’re looking for a slightly quieter coffee bar then 33 Brisbane is the place for you. It is located very close to Bear Town, but in a small side street.

Coffee at the Cliffs Cafe

-The Cliffs Cafe
Probably the number one place to go for a coffee AND a great view. At the Cliffs Cafe you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, cake or lunch whilst gazing at the spectacular skyline of Brisbane’s CBD. Next to the cafe you’ll find some stairs that lead you down to Kangaroo Point Park. Always be alert whilst sipping on your coffee though, cause the other day a huuuuge python came to say hi! Eeeeeek!!!

Luxury accommodation for a real bargain
I was really looking forward to coming back to Australia, but there was one thing I wasn’t particularly excited about: staying in hostels again. Don’t get me wrong, a hostel is a great place to meet new friends and to connect with likeminded people, but the dirty kitchens, smelly rooms and filthy bathrooms weren’t exactly things I had missed whilst being at home. But because a hotel or AirBnB in Australia is super expensive, there was nothing left for me to do than to book a hostel.

I searched on and found a new hostel in Brisbane, called Breeze Lodge. As it had recently opened it’s door there were no reviews yet, but I decided to take the gamble and just book it anyway. And AM I GLAD I DID! When I arrived at the hostel I received the most warm welcome from the manager, Brigitta, who showed me my room. The dorm I was in was everything but smelly. It was clean, super spacious, the bed was comfy and the room had everything I needed. The rest of the hostel was also an eye opener for me. The kitchen was big and instead of having to search for a decent pan or a clean-ish sponge to wash my dishes with, everything was brand new and spotlessly clean. There was a beautiful rooftop terrace where I could sunbathe and which offered great views of Brisbane. And my favorite part? The lounge area with Netflix. Yesss! I ended up staying at Breeze Lodge for five days before I moved into my new place. and I loved every minute of it.

For bookings click here!

Kangaroo Point is also very close to Brisbane’s South Bank (15 min walk) and therefore the perfect place to stay or live when you’re in Brisbane. As I’ll be helping Breeze Lodge with their digital marketing activities for the next few months don’t forget to drop by and say hi when you’re in the neighborhood, or better, when you’re staying with us 🙂

❤ Eef

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    Kangaroo point!! I’ve stayed in the exact same area for a bit ten years ago… such coincidence. Looks like your living the dream babe.. enjoy the Aussie life!

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