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5 tips that will make traveling easier

Traveling is awesome, and being able to be on the road for a good while is a dream come true for many of us. But after a while you start to get annoyed by the small things: packing/unpacking your backpack every time, a wet bikini or wet towels in your bag which start to smell, and don’t forget those uncomfy beds and/or pillows in hostels. But have no fear: there’s a solution to every (first world) problem! These are my 5 tips that’ll make traveling easier.

1. Packing cubes
My first tip is buy packing cubes. Packing cubes are small zipper bags that you can use to pack your luggage into smaller, more orderly packages. I always have one bag for dresses, one for tops, one for underwear, one for bottoms, etc. I’d recommend taking around 10 different bags with you. Once you arrive in your hotel or hostel all you have to do is unpack the packing cubes and you’re done! This will always keep your backpack or suitcase organized and will save you tons of time when you have to pack again when you move to your next destination. You can buy packing cubes at most travel stores but I prefer buying them online on websites like as it is much cheaper.

2. Don’t bring too much
I actually don’t know why I’m sharing this as one of my tips since I always tend to bring waaay to much. At a certain point my backpack weighed 20kg. 20kg! I had to get rid of a lot stuff, so now that I’m preparing for new travels I try to only take the bare necessities. Okay and one more dress. And another skirt. And maybe a third bikini….

3. Quick dry towel
A quick dry towel is an absolute MUST if you’re going to travel for a longer period of time. Most hostels (especially in Australia) do not provide towels and a quick dry towel is also very convenient at the beach. Because they are made out of microfibre they dry super fast and they are very easily foldable to a small package so they don’t take up too much space in your luggage. I got my pretty pink towel from and I get to give you 25% off if you order one using the code ambEve-25 🙂 

4. A laundry bag
If you’re traveling you’re gonna have laundry. It’s fine to use plastic bags you get at supermarkets and other stores for your dirty undies, but as these eventually will fall apart (or, in some cases, the color will rub off on your clothes) it’s a better idea if you just bring a laundry bag. Most travel stores sell these bags but of course you can also just use any tote bag. Trust me, it sounds irrelevant but in the long run you’ll be glad you brought one.

5.  Bring your own pillow
I don’t mind if my bed is too soft or too hard, I don’t mind if the dorm I’m sleeping in is a little noisy but I do mind when I don’t have a good pillow. Most backpackers who’ve had their fair share of dorm pillows will get shivers down their spines thinking of those lumpy, old pillows. And that’s why I always travel with my own pillow. Not a huge one, of course, but one that easily fits into a small bag. It always comes in handy as well when I take long bus trips or flights. Trust me – you’ll sleep much better on your own soft pillow than on one of those little airplane ones 😉

The above five tips have definitely made my travel life much easier. Some others things you also shouldn’t forget:
-For the ladies: if you’re traveling to less developed countries don’t forget to bring some tampons as these can be hard to find (try explaining you’re looking for tampons with only hand gestures ;)) or very expensive.
-A flight bag (with padlock) for around your backpack. This does not only protect your backpack from damaging and unwelcome drugs, but can also function as a locker when there are no lockers available at your hostel.
An adapter/plug with multiple USB ports. Some hostels and hotels don’t offer enough power points so if you have a plug with two USB ports you an easily charge multiple devices at once 🙂 For a travel blogger who frequently wants to charge her iPhone, laptop, GoPro, power bank and eReader this is a real must 😉

Are you a frequent traveler and do you have any recommendations yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

❤ Eef

Disclaimer: by buying one of the products listed above I get a percentage of the sales so I can keep funding my travels to inspire you more! 🙂

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