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10 stunning sunsets that’ll make you go WOW!

I love sunsets. There’s just something magical about them. I’ve been lucky enough to see the sky turn purple, yellow orange and pink many many times during my travels in Southeast Asia and Australia and I made a list of my favorites. Get prepared as these sunsets will make you want to pack your bags and leave on a world trip tomorrow.
1. Thailand – Koh Chang
This was one of those unexpected sunsets that I almost missed! I didn’t plan to watch the sunset this evening but when I walked out of my hotel for dinner I saw the most amazing sky ever! Thank god for having smartphones with good cameras so you can capture any moment any time.

2. Australia – Griffith (NSW)
When I was doing my 88 days of regional work in Australia (more on that here) the farm you see here was my home. Not a day went by without me running outside to check if the sunset was pretty, and often it was. How about this one?! 🙂

3. Thailand – Koh Chang
Yup, Koh Chang made it to this list twice. Almost every night we were treated to the most wonderful sunsets. No wonder it is one of my favorite Thai Islands!

4. Laos – Don Det
Laos doesn’t have any beaches but if you want to feel that island vibe then Don Det is the place to be. Everything goes at a very slow pace and watching the sunset is one of those relaxing activities that’ll make you completely zen.

5. Thailand – Bangkok
Although I prefer sunsets in nature I’ll never say no to a pretty city sunset like this one in Bangkok. With a Pinot Grigio in my hand that matched the color of the sky it was just a perfect evening.

6. Indonesia – Gili Trawangan
I was in Indonesia (Bali & The Gili’s) during raining season, and oh – it rained. It had been cloudy and rainy for days, but after a fairly sunny day at Gili Trawangan I got treated to this beautiful sunset.

7. Australia – Brisbane
Brissy is my favorite city in Australia and has shown me many, many stunning sunsets. From the Goodwill Bridge you have a great view over the Brisbane river. Not only is this bridge the perfect spot to watch the sunset, you also have front row seats to the sunrise here.

8. Thailand – Koh Lanta
After a lovely beach-‘n-pool day we walked into a cute shop across the road to look at the jewels and clothes they sold. Behind the shop was a little reggae bar that served delicious food and – lucky us – it was happy hour! We sat down for a cocktail and before we knew it we were sitting front row for Mother Nature’s spectacular sunset show.

9. Australia – Port Macquarie (NSW)
If you’re ever going to Australia and road trip from Sydney to Brisbane you’ll pass the beautiful little town Port Macquarie where you are greeted by these pelicans and treated to these sunsets 🙂

10. Australia – Bondi Beach
Last but not least my all-time favorite sunset of all on Bondi Beach, Sydney. This was also one of the first mind-blowing sunsets I saw in Australia. It had been a very rainy day but at the end of the day the sun came out. I hurried to the beach and was treated to this sunset spectacle. Just wow!

Where have you seen the prettiest sunset? Don’t forget to share your sunset pictures with me if you have them! 🙂

❤ Eef

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