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Vietnam – The night bus

Our trip with the night bus in Vietnam back in 2015 was really something else. I told this story over and over again, making every single person who heard it shiver. But then I realized I never blogged about this notorious trip! Brace yourselves, and if you’re eating or drinking something you might wanna consider continuing later…

Train is full, bus it is!
Our next destination was Nha Trang, a 500km ride from Hoi An. We already traveled on the night train in Vietnam once (Hanoi – Hoi An) and since this is quite a comfy way of traveling we wanted to to the same whilst traveling south. Too bad – the train was fully booked so the receptionist at the hotel we were staying at recommended taking the night bus. She told us the night bus was very comfy as well, and that it even had a bathroom on board. Night bus it is!

Night bus or disgusting disco?
The night bus wasn’t hard to spot from far away, since the whole bus was lit with blacklight. When we entered the bus, which was more like a fridge on wheels, a yelling Vietnamese man ordered us to go sit in the back, where a reclining chair, a pillow and a blanket were waiting for us. In the front of the bus a bunch of locals were chilling in their chairs whilst watching very loud Vietnamese television. The bus driver was obviously best mates with his horn and brakes as he kept pulling up, braking, honking and continued this cycle for the entire trip. I put on some earphones, tried to make myself comfy, tried to ignore the fact that the pillows smelled like dirty unwashed hair and hoped I’d fall asleep so we’d soon arrive in Nha Trang.

I shouldn’t have drank so much water…
After being on the road for a couple of hours my bladder really started protesting and I had to pee. My friend Mindy had to go as well, and as exploring new toilets together is always better we went to the back of the bus to find the toilet. The toilet smelled awful, the light didn’t work, it didn’t have a toilet seat and it was completely wet. With my iPhone stuck inside my top so I could use the flashlight to see something I went first. Being an experienced Body Pumper I was doing my best at squatting and not touching the wet toilet until the bus hit a bump: BAM. I was sitting down in a whole loimg_0331tta wet stuff I didn’t even want to consider knowing what it was. Feeling dirty but with an empty bladder I then prepared myself for the night.

Arrived in Nha Trang
I actually slept surprisingly well but my good mood changed as soon as we drove through Nha Trang. What a depressing, ugly, busy place that is. The bus then stopped at the station where our bags were thrown on a big pile and taxi’s were waiting to get us to our hostel. I heard my friend Petra complaining and mumbling about her bag being wet, but as it had been raining and there were puddles of water everywhere I assumed it had to do something with that. The taxi driver put our bags in his booth and brought us to our hostel.

What is that smell?!
Our room wasn’t ready yet so we could leave our bags close to the reception. When I dragged my bag there I noticed mine was wet as well. And there was a really potent, disgusting smell penetrating my nostrils. Mindy’s bag was also wet, and even Desiree’s bag smelled like shit. We soon discovered that all four of our backpackers were entirely covered in piss/shit/whatever. The toilet on the bus had been leaking on our bags the whole night! Not only were our bags wet but also all our stuff smelled of piss. HOW DISGUSTING!!! Seeing the looks on our faces and that were were close to crying the hostel manager offered to help us and they washed all of our clothes and even our backpacks. Nha Trang is a shitty place, but if you ever end up there then by all means stay at Truong Giang hostel cause I never met a manager that is so extremely friendly and helpful. Not only with the drenched-in-piss-bags was he a real hero, but also when one of my friends got very ill he sent us to a great hospital and when I got robbed he accompanied me to the police station to be my translator.

Well, I hope you’re not too disgusted after reading this story 🙂 Should you ever travel on a night bus then just make sure there is no toilet on board so nothing can leak on your bags. And just to be sure I now always put my raincover over my bag as well.. You never know… 😉



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