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Australia – A sunny day in Fitzroy

Melbourne has many nice neighborhoods, but according to a lot of lcoals ánd travelers one of them really stands out: Fitzroy! A day after I arrived back in Melbs my Belgian friend Katrien who has been living in Fitzroy for a couple of months took me to all the hotspots of this hipster suburb.

Yummie Brekkie!img_7533
Australians love to abbreviate words, hence brekkie = breakfast. We had brekkie at Rustica, a bakery + cafe conveniently located on Brunswick street, Fitzroy’s main street. The decision whether to go for the avocado smash or the quinoa bircher wasn’t an easy one, but as soon as the bowl with quinoa, flowers, coconut, roasted apple, walnuts and much much more made eyecontact with me I knew it was meant to be. After bringing the spoon to my mouth my taste buds started cheering as well. YUM, this is so good!

Is it too early for wine?
Nah, not today! It was 1pm, the sun was out, we were in a good mood, so we went to the rooftop bar of Naked for Satan and ordered two glasses of wine. This bar is also located on Brunswick street, within walking distance from Rustica. One of the unique features of this place is that you have a wonderful view of the Melbourne CBD skyline from their rooftop terrace!

Hours passed by…
And we felt like a little change of scenery, so traded in Naked for Satan for The Rooks Return. This bar, again located on Brunswick street, has a cute little backyard where you don’t have to be afraid to get simg_7535unburnt. The whole backyard is covered by a little roof, but still gives you the feeling you’re sitting outside. We were a bit too early for the musical fun, but a couple of days a week you can enjoy live music at The Rooks Return.

A veg(etari)an ending of the day
We eventually ended the day at one of Fitzroys many vegetarian or vegan restaurants: The Vegie Bar. What you might now know about me is that I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, so you can imagine I’m quite happy about all the vegetarian and vegan places opening their doors these days. I often do get stressed from their menus: so many choices! Regular restaurants offer about 4 vegetarian meals, so I’m used to limited choices 😉 The Vegie Bar, amongst loads of other things, serves a delicious mushroom pizza and some great nachos.

I’ll be staying with Katrien in Fitzroy for a couple of more days, so if I discover (aka she introduces me to) any new bars, hotspots, lowspots or cosy cafes I’ll defintely let you know on my Instagram Stories or Snapchat, so be sure to follow me if you’re not already 🙂

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  • Jenny Stephens

    This is my absolute favourite suburb in Melbourne!!! I LOVE Naked for Satan and The Vegie Bar – if you get a chance, drop into Bimbos – it is on the same block as the Vegie Bar and serves $4 pizzas every night from 7-9! Delicious vegetarian options too 🙂 Great post!

    • evelienlangeveld

      Omg, that’s a great option! Thanks so much 🙂

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