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Indonesia – Endless ricefields in Ubud

Ubud is located north of Kuta, in the uplands of Bali and is well-known for its handcrafting and endless ricefields. Artists create gorgeous paintings, carve impressive wood sculptures and forge stunning silver jewelry. Ubud is surrounded by green scenery with rice fields and palmtrees everywhere you look. 6 years ago I paid a very brief visit to this famed little town, bringing home a colorful painting of men and women working in the rice fields. Time to go back to the place the painting originates from!


Private villa for two, please! 
It is raining in Bali. A lot! But even raining season has it advantages: accommodation can be so cheap! On one of the major booking sites we found a great deal for a private villa, 4km north of Ubuds city center. Because we were still in the relaxed Gili-vibe this sounded like music to our ears. Yes please, private villa it is!

Villa JJ is located in the middle of greener-than-green rice fields. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by rice-to-be and tall palmtrees. Our villa was located in between two pools, had a huuuuge bed and a beautiful bathroom with a biiiig tub. Not a bad place to stay for three nights, for about €120!

Monkeying around in Ubud? Nah…
If you search for things to do in Ubud then one of the things that shows up first on your google results is the Monkey Forest. I paid a visit to this forest six years ago, and because having some monkeys stealing our sunglasses didn’t sound like the most appealing idea, we decided to skip this touristy ‘treasure’ this time 🙂

The Lotus Temple & The Ubud Market
Because shopping & visiting temples are two of my favorite things to do whilst traveling, combining these two seemed like the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

The Lotus Temple, known by the locals as the Saraswati temple, is located in the middle of Ubud. This temple is surrounded by two big ponds where hundreds of Lotus flowers proudly present themselves. If you feel a little stroll around the temple isn’t enough to take in its beauty, you can sit down for a drink at the in-temple Lotus Cafe.

If youThe handknit hat I bought in Ubud‘re looking to bring home some souvenirs for your friends and family, the Ubud Market (or the Ubud Art Market) is where you’ll find what you’re looking for. Hundreds of little market stalls sell their handmade goods: from sarongs, clothing, jewellery to beautifully handcrafted piece of wood. I came home with a hand knit hat, but if I had brought more Rupiahs with me (and if I had a hundred suitcases) I definitely would’ve stepped up my haggling game and bought some more goods.

Endless ricefields
As soon as you leave Ubuds city center you are surrounded by rice fields and palm trees everywhere. We visited one of the most well-known ricefields in the area, the Tegalalang rice terrace. Spoiler alert: the following pictures will make you go “ohhh” and “ahhh”.

After all the rain in Ubud we were in desperate need of a little bit of sunsine again, so we traded in Ubud for Uluwatu in the south of Bali. More about this beach spot in my next blog 🙂

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