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Indonesia – Floating on Gili Air

For four days we had been living like princesses in the little secluded ‘village’ of Le Pirate, but it was time for new adventures. We left Gili Trawangan and decided to pay a visit to its little brother: Gili Air!

Row row row your boatΒ 

After a short ride with the horse car we arrived at Gili T’s harbour. If you want to get the boat to Gili Air you have two options: the local boat (around 25.000 IDR) or the fast boat. Because the local boat wouldn’t leave for another 4 hours we decided to take the fast boat for 100.000 IDR each. It soon became clear that this was not an ‘official’ way of transport when we were asked to take place on the roof of the boat. A short but beautiful 5 minutes passed by, and before we know it we arrived at Gili Air!

Goggles ‘n snorkelsΒ 
The Gili Islands are surrounded by colorful reefs where you not only come across Nemo and his friends, but it you’re lucky you also spot a turtle! We found a snorkeling trip for 100.000 IDR a person, great!Β This trip takes you to five snorkeling spots around the three Gili Islands. It is currently raining season in Indonesia, and the weather gods made damn sure we knew it. Good thing about snorkeling is that you get wet anyway, so into the water we went! The fishes were so beautiful, the reef was nice and colorful and during our second stop we saw a turtle! This majestic creature was casually chilling on the bottom of the ocean, and when he had enough of the group of goggles staring at him, he slowly swam away. After this turtle we saw another one, and another one, and another one! It was a good, good day πŸ™‚

Chilling out is what I do best
Whether you love sunbathing, going for a cocktail, having dinner at the beach or just for a coffee, Chill Out is the place to be. During the day you can relax the sun beds enjoying the turqoise blue waters and white sand, and in case the sky suddenly decides to break open you can find shelter in the pillow chill areas. At night the beach turns into a little restaurant with lovely colorful tables romantically stretched along the water.

Extra Tip: if you’re going to Gili Air, don’t forget to dine at Le Bistro. The food is delicious (and a loooot of vegetarian options, yay) and the staff is so so so nice. And did I mentioned it is cheap?

What I noticed in Gili Air is how quiet this island still is. At night when walking around to find a place to eat, there were hardly any people dining in the restaurants, and all the bars were near enough empty. Maybe this also has to do with the fact thatΒ it isn’t high season yet, but if you’re looking for peace and quiet, Gili Air is the place to be.

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