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Indonesia – Happily reunited and utterly relaxed in Bali

Somewhere in October, when the highlight of my day was sorting lemons instead of oranges, I couldn\t stop thinking of tropical islands, fresh coconuts and relaxing massages. I mentioned this to a friend at home, and joked about her booking a ticket to see me for a holiday. A few days later these jokes turned into reality: the first of December we’d be reunited again in Bali!

10 months apart feels like a dayimg_6467
We hadn’t seen each other for almost 10 months, yet when I saw her big smile when she walked through customs it was like we’ve never been apart. After uttering some hysterical noises us girls tend to make when we get excited, a few hugs and a lot of laughter later, we headed for our accommodation. Once we got there Desiree unpacked her back, and handed me the goods I had been craving for for months: Old Amsterdam, the best Dutch cheese in the world! It felt like tasting a little bit of home <3

Peace and serenity in the middle of busy Seminyak
Our new guesthouse was located in the middle of Seminyak, yet it was peaceful, quiet and the perfect place to relax. With only 9 rooms, Raja Gardens is a very small hotel, situated in the middle of a lush green garden. The Australian owner is very laid back and his chilled out vibe is contagious. There’s a nice pool, all the rooms have their own little porch and right next to the pool there’s a gate which takes you to a side alley to Seminyak Beach. After walking less than 5 minutes you can indulge yourself in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

What I loved most about Raja Gardens is the spacious semi-open bathroom. It is currently raining season in Bali, and boy, raining it does. I never had a nice, warm shower before whilst the tropical rain was pouring in right next to me. I loved it!


Oh yes, touch me there!
Whenever you go to a massage salon in South East Asia, you never really know if you’re gonna get a trained massage therapist or someone who just does some hand gymnastics on your back, no matter how fancy or trashy the salon itself looks. We found a salon close to our hotel, which looked lovely and offered cheap treatments. For an hour back, neck and shoulders massage,  Inner Glow charges 95.000 RP (AUD 9,5/Euro 6), that’s almost giving it away for free! I wondered if this could be any good…

60 minutes later we felt like we were reborn. Desiree and I agreed that this was one of the better massages we ever had! The next day we returned, and I had a reflexology foot massage. As if an angel was touching my feet. Sometimes you wish an hour lasts forever!

The next morning we got an early pick up to get on the boat to the Gili Islands, with Gili Trawangan as our first stop. I heard rumors about these islands being a little slice of paradise. In my next blog I’ll tell you if these rumours are true, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I’m sure you already have a slight idea… 😉

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