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Australia – Sydney: living here and loving it

I’ve been lucky enough to call myself a proud Sydneysider for over a month now, and each day this I start to love this city more and more. Funny how that works, because when I first arrived here mid-March I wasn’t feeling this city at all. I guess sometimes it just takes a little time and great experiences for a place to grow on you 🙂 Let me tell you more about these great experiences…

Watchin’ Wonderful Whales
Last week I saw my beloved friends Jos and Jorien again, who live just around the corner from me in Amsterdam. They were in Sydney for a couple of days before they start exploring the outback, so we had the opportunitimg_2546y to catch up and spend some time together. After going for coffee, a few drinks and a delicious Thai meal, the next day we went on a boat to spot humpback whales. What an awesome experience! For only $58, which is about €40 we went on a small, superfast boat and sailed into the open waters. After a little floating our captain spotted the first whale blowing out water! We all desperately gazed at the sea hoping for her to show herself again, and she did! Together with her little one she showed herself a couple of times to us. What majestic animals they are, wow!

Sydney shining like never before: Vivid!
Every year from the end of May until about mid-June, Sydney lights up in all the colors of the rainbow. These unique pieces of light-art can be found all around the CBD and of course at the img_2428Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Together with my friend Jan I decided to pay a visit to this annual event which makes winter just that little bit less dark. It was gorgeous! Of course the light show on the Opera House was the most impressive one of all, but also the illuminated Harbour Bridge and the beautifully decorated Botanical Gardens were super impressive. For the Dutchies: it kind of made me feel like I was in the Efteling! 🙂 If you are in Sydney and if you have the chance then definitely pay a visit to Vivid. More info: Vivid Sydney

Beautiful Hotel Bondi

Living in Bondi is amazing: you have the beach at your doorstep, it’s full of lovely restaurants and cafes and on a beautiful sunny day it feels like every day is a holiday. Last Wednesday was one of these days, even more so because my love and I got to spend the night at a gorgeous hotel: Hotel Bondi. The Queen room which would be our little home for the night had a great view; right at the beach! It was so lovely, see for yourself:

Right now I’m typing this blog whilst enjoying a coffee in the sun and watching the people of Bondi do what they do on a busy Saturday morning. This afternoon is my second-last shift at the customer service, because from Tuesday I got a new job and start working for the marketing department of the same company.  Life is good 🙂

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