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Australia – Terrific Tassie

Last week I’ve been travelling around Tasmania with an organized tour by Jump Tours. It has been one of the most awesome weeks in my travel history so far. I saw beautiful things, met amazing people and sang out loud to my favorite songs while driving the beautiful Tassie roads.

The 7-day ‘Best of Tasmania’ tour takes you to all the best places Tasmania has to offer: Bruny Island, Port Arthur, The Tasman Peninsula, Mt Fields, Russel Falls, Lake St. Clair, Montezuma Falls, Strahan, Henty Sand Dunes, Tullah, Cradle Mountain, Sheffield, Launceston, Bay of Fires, Bicheno, the East Coast, Wineglass Bay, and Freycinet National Park. I’d love to describe all the exploring I did at these places, but that means I’ll be sitting here blogging until tomorrow, so instead I highlight my top 5 in this blog.

1: Henty Sand Dunes
The Henty Sand Dunes are a mass of dunes located about 14km of the town Strahan. You’re guaranteed to a good time and feeling like a kid again when you visit these dunes. Hiking up the dunes is a good work out, and once you’re at the top the view is so rewarding. We jumped of the dunes, did handstands, flick-flacks and whatever else you can think of. At the end of the day you will be completely covered in sand but it is worth every single grain 😉

2. The Montezuma Falls
The Montezuma Falls are one of the highest waterfalls in Tasmania. The falls itself are beautiful and a true sight for sore eyes, but just as captivating is the walk to the falls. The walk takes about three hours return, and leads you through a gorgeous rainforest. In this rainforest you’ll see the remains of what was once an old rail track. Before you arrive at the falls there’s a big hanging bridge that brings you above the beautiful rainforest. And for the brave amongst us there is a cave where you can see some pretty big spiders. For the people who know me well: hell no, I didn’t go in there! 😉

3. Bay of Fires
One of the most stunning beaches of Tasmania has to be the Bay of Fires. The sand is white as snow, the waters are magical blue/greenish and the surroundings are gorgeous. If you’re up for a short walk you can go to the red colored rocks, where you will see with your own eyes why the place is called Bay of Fires. I decided to go for a swim and relax on the beach while taking in the view. And there were some preparations going on for a wedding: lucky me, my travelmate Tori and I got married that day! 😀

4. The Tullah House
One of the places you stay at while going on the 7 (or 5) day tour is a lovely little house in Tullah. Chris, our awesome tourguide, prepared a delicious barbecue for us at the house. My first Aussie barbecue, yay! 🙂 At night we went to the bar across the street and mingled with the old perverted locals, played some pool and danced to some songs the jukebox was playing. The next night Chris proved himself to be a true chef again by cooking us a delicious curry. But before we digged in, we went for a refreshing afternoon swim at a lake nearby; Lake Rosebery. At night we played some games which made me laugh so hard I cried, we drank a few beers, and then dozed off with a big smile on our faces looking forward to what the next day would have in store for us.

5. Nature World Animal Sanctuary
On the last day of our trip we visited the Nature World Animal Sanctuary. Best two hours of my life! We all got a bag of food, and when we walked into the park we were happily greeted by the most adorable kangaroos! We fed them, petted them and (of course) took some ‘Roo-selfies’. After that it was feeding time for the Tasmanian Devils. These little creatures look so cuddly and cute, but once you see them devouring a whole kangaroo’s leg you know why they are actually pretty dangerous. The sad thing is that about 90% of the Tassie Devils population has disappeared over the past years. At the sanctuary they developed special breeding programs to make sure the Tassie Devils won’t go extinct.
After the Tassie devils the very passionate Englishman who worked at the sanctuary introduced us to one of his friends, the utterly, extremely, amazingly cutest wombat you’ve ever seen; George! Look at him, isn’t he adorable?!

We ended our tour with dinner in Hobart on Sunday night, and I miss these people already! They have been the most amazing people to travel with, and our always enthusiastic ‘5-minutes-is-actually-10-minutes’ guide Chris made sure it was an unforgettable experience.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Sydney for some new adventures. Keep you posted… 🙂



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  • Marenthe

    Love your blog! Described the week perfectly! Enjoy the rest of your travels and we will meet again in the Netherlands!

    Cheers, Marenthe

  • mama

    Ik heb weer heerlijk mee getraveld

    • evelienlangeveld

      Haha, fijn mammie! 🙂 <3

  • Mike uit Stompwijk

    Heel leuk Eef! Veel plezier met je super toffe ervaringen! Gr Mike

    • evelienlangeveld

      Haha, Mike uit Stompwijk! Wat leuk om te zien dat jij m’n blogs ook leest Mikey! 🙂

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