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Bruny Island is an island located southeast form Tasmania’s mainland. It’s only a 30 minute drive from Hobart to Kettering, the town where the ferry to Bruny departs.

This weekend I went on a trip to Bruny Island together with my dear friends Jos and Jorien, who live just around the corner back home in Amsterdam. They have been travelling in Australia for 6 months so I was really excited to finally see them aimg_9196gain! We made plans to meet up near the departure point of the ferry. I arrived a bit early, and when I finally heard the noise of their campervan and I saw Jootje looking through the window, I was so happy to finally see them again! I got into their lovely temporary home on wheels and we got on the ferry. When we arrived at the campsite we cooked some dinner and started sharing stories while enjoying some (in)famous boxed Goon.

The Neck Lookout
The first thing we did after waking up on Sunday was driving to a beautiful lookout, located at the ‘neck’ – the small stroke of land which connects the two parts of Bruny Island together, called The Neck Lookout. It takes 238 steps to reach the top of the lookout but that’s definitely worth it. You get a beautiful 360 view of both island – gorgeous!

Fluted Cape Walk
After the viewpoint we drove to Adventurous Bay for the fluted cape walk. We hiked all the way up for a marvelous view. You can choose to do either a short walk which is about an hour, or the longer one which will take you about 2,5 hours. Either way, the view at the top makes both walks well worth it!

Say Cheese!
We ended out day with a good ol’ cheese tasting. Us Dutchies loooooove cheese (god I miss my big chunk of Old Amsterdam) so what better way to wrap up the day than to let our tastebuds celebrate? With a beer, a coffee and a delicious cheese platter we had a few goods laughs before we went on our way back to the ferry.

Car trouble!
When we almost arrived at the ferry, the campervan started acting weird and the brakes were not working properly anymore. Since having good brakes is quite essential, Jos called the RAC (Dutchies: ANWB) to get it checked out. I had to be back in Hobart that night because the next morning my 7-day Tassie tour would start, so I hitchhiked my way back! This sounds much more exciting than it seems, because the cars were lined up to go on the ferry, and the first two people I spoke to were also backpackers who were happy to share their ride with me. So nice! Jos and Jootje eventually also got to their destination safely.

Bruny again?!
I knew that on my 7 day tour through Tassie I would also go to Bruny Island again, but only at the end of the trip. But when the van arrived this morning it turned out I was going today! Haha! So two Bruny-days in a row. Since it’s all so so so beautiful here that’s not a real punishment πŸ˜‰ I did pretty much exactly the same on the tour as I did with Jos and Jootje, but I also visited Cape Bruny, where an old lighthouse is located.

Tomorrow I’m going to Port Arthur and the Tasmanian National Park. Looking forward to another day of ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ πŸ™‚

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