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Australia – Hey Hobart! 

Last Monday I landed in/at Tassie (Tasmania). I took the bus to the city center and arrived at my home for the next few days, The Pickled Frog. I went to my room, unpacked my bags and started exploring the city!

Tanning in Tassie
Tuesday was hot hot hot day so the perfect opportunity to work on my tan and go to the beach! The people at the Frog told me which beaches I could go to, so I hopped on the bus and off I went! Kingston beach was a quiet, pretty beach with beautiful clear waters. After a day of complete relaxation I took the bus back to the city.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Wednesday I went to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to learn about the Tasmanian culture. They had a few nice expositions on old Tasmanian Art and indigenous Tasmanian animals but my favorite part was about the history of the Aboriginal people. I think everyone who comes to Australia should learn about the Aboriginal people and their (hi)story. Australia is a gorgeous country but we shouldn’t forget what dark things happened in the past, and are still going on today. The entry to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is free, so whenever you’re in Hobart, make sure you reserve some time to go there.

Hiking: heaven or hell?
The next day I went to one of the most famous mountains in the area: Mount Wellington. The hostel arranged a free shuttle to the top of the mountain, from where we could hike our are way down. We could choose between the long hike or the short hike, and since me and my nikies aren’t the most experienced hikers, I decided to take the short track down. After 2,5 hours and a lot of concentration, almost-tripping and cursing later I finally reached the end of the track, where the bus would take me back to the city. I love going for long walks and exploring beautiful surroundings, but since I can’t see depths (something with my eyes) and I have a weak foot, this steep, rocky hike down just wasn’t for me. 

Appreciating Art
On Friday I decided to pay a visit to the MONA: Museum of Old and New Art. To reach MONA you have to jump on a ferry which will bring you there in approximately 25 minutes. When I got to the MONA I wandered around for two hours or so before I took the ferry back to the city. They had some amazing pieces of art, but there were also some things I really didn’t get. But I guess that’s art 🙂

Saturday Salamanca Market
Every Saturday you can visit the Salamanca market – a big market which is held in the Salamanca neighborhood in Hobart. The market is a popular place with something for everyone: food, clothes, jewellery, handicrafts – everything. I bought a cute little new silver ring and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching the world go by.

In about two hours I’ll catch the bus to Kettering – a place where the ferry to Bruny Island departs from. I’ll finally meet my dear friends Jos and Jorien there – haven’t seen them for 6 months! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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