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25 things you’ll recognize if you’ve ever been to Thailand

Ever been to Thailand? Then you’ll probably agree that this country is unique in so many ways. Here are 25 things which I found to be very typical for this lovely country.

1. … You learn to appreciate and love the Bum Gun. (I might just install one at home!)
2. … You heard ‘No Hap‘ and ‘Same Same‘ all the time
3. … You’ve seen the most gorgeous sunsets (Koh Lanta had the best ones I’ve seen)
4. … You had one of the best and one of the worst massages of your life (aaaarrrrhhhhhg!)
5. … You mastered the art of peeing on a squatting toilet without ruining your shoes
6. … You danced the night away on a tropical island with a bucket in your hand and your feet in the sand
7. … You say ‘Kaaa‘ at the end of every sentence
8. … You lived on a diet of Pad Thai, Massaman Curry or Fried Rice
9. … Slept on a rock hard mattress so you need that ‘massaaaaage’ so bad
10. … Say yes when asked ‘maybe lateeer?’ when you actually always mean no
11. … You’ve been to the most stunning beaches and splashed around in their tropical blue/green waters
12. … You had the most delicious (and cheap!) fruit shakes ever. God I love those coconut shakes!
13. … You found out that a fresh coconut is actually a perfect way to cure a hangover
14. … You feared you might die that one time you got on that Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok
15. … You had a toasted cheese sandwich at the 7 eleven at night
16. … You’ve been to Khao San Road and looked at the fried scorpions, cockroaches and grasshoppers with disgust while secretly wondering about its taste
17. … You wondered why the Thai travel guide has small boobs before realizing he is a ladyboy by night
18. … You made sure you were completely covered with mosquito repellent whenever you went outside at night
19. … You drove a motorbike on one of the islands while enjoying marvelous views
20. … You had the worst diarrhea ever. Yup, gotta love the unfamiliar bacteria that fuck up our western weak bowel system!
21. … You got a sticker on you when you were traveling by boat and felt like a retard
22. … You can’t (but still try to) pronounce the name of Bangkok’s biggest airport, Suvarbhanbrahmahmbubu
23. … You make a sport out of haggling and get excited when it works. You’ve also mastered the ‘walking away technique’. Hell yeah I paid 20 Baht less for that sarong!
24. … You wondered what all those Asians are sniffing and found out it’s some kind of eucalyptus stick. They use it to relieve problems such as headaches and nausea. We even saw a girl at the 7 Eleven who stuck it up her nose and let it stay there!
25. … You know you will be back someday because this country is simply amazing.

Agree? Let me know which of these you found the most relatableΒ πŸ™‚


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  • La Titus

    Wow! wow! wow! the best description ever about such a fantastic experience in the crazy Thailand! Congratulations! you wrapped it up! I would add: 26. You went karaoke/dancing/drinking with some Thais and next day you not only have a huge headache but you cannot remember what happened. 27. When you saw an elephant painting you drop your mouth to the floor and said: wow! 28. You told a Thai 1,000 times how your name was pronounce and he/she still pronounced it the same.

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