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Thailand – I Love Lanta! 

Koh Lanta, a Thai island located only one hour from Phi Phi, is the last island we visited on our Thailand trip. Koh Lanta is bigger than Phi Phi and attracts a mainly older audience because of its relaxing vibe. This doesn’t mean you cannot go for a drink and a dance at Lanta, but enjoying the sunset with a Chang in your left hand is more common than bingedrinking as many buckets as you can.

Long Beach
The biggest beach of Koh Lanta is Long Beach – the name says it all. The sea isn’t as blue/green as on other Thai islands, but the beach itself is very wide and spacious. You can rent a beach bed for 100 Baht (something we didn’t come across before during our island hopping in Thailand), there are a few restaurants where you can have a yummie lunch and at one of the many fruit stalls you can get a healthy fruit salad or – one of my favorites – a fresh fruit juice. Don’t forget to watch the sunset at Long Beach because it’s simply gorgeous.

Party Like You’re On Lanta
Whoever thought Lanta was a place you can only relax was wrong. Party animals can go for a dance every night of the week. There are quite a few bars on Lanta, but every bar has its own party night. We ended up at a bar called the O-Zone (maayaaahiiiii) on a Thursday night. The O-Zone is located right at the beach and has some spots where you can chill out and, of course, a dance floor. We ordered some Chang and started showing our dansmoves to everyone. All of the sudden we were dancing in the dark because there was a power outage, not once, twice, but about eight times. Whenever the music stopped people were singing and dancing to their own tunes, but when the music got back on the crowd went wild and continued to move like Jagger. We eventually went home around 5am, so you can imagine it was a good night 🙂

Klong Khong Beach 
There are a few nice restaurants where you can have dinner whilst listening to the sound of the ocean, but the best places are located at Klong Khong. Together with some other travelers we met at the O-Zone we had dinner at one of these places. We listened to great lounge music, shared some delicious food, had a few good laughs and looked at the bright starry skies above us. It was a lovely night.

Bamboo Bay 
Because I love riding a motorbike but unfortunately I don’t have a drivers license, I jumped at the last chance I could to drive a motorbike unlicensed. We rented two motorbikes, Mindy hopped on the back of Petra’s bike, and we drove off. We drove to a beach called Bamboo Bay, which we were told would be the prettiest beach of Lanta. And oh it was! The sand was lovely and white, the sea was clear and blue and the beach was surrounded by palm trees and mountains. After relaxing and enjoying Bamboo Bay for a day we drove back to Long Beach to watch our last Lanta sunset.

We absolutely, undoubtedly LOVED Koh Lanta. We didn’t expect the island to be so alive and the beaches to be so nice. Also, our experience was extra pleasant because we stayed at a great hostel; The Metallic. The manager, Sun, was so kind to us, and he even speaks Dutch very well! If you ever go to Lanta, then definitely stay at the Metallic Hostel. The private rooms are clean, spacious and modern and make you feel right at home.
I’m writing this blog during my flight to Melbourne. Next blog will be written while I’m in Aussie, yay! =]

Finding my inner Ariel 😉


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