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Laos – Lovely Luang Prabang

When we got off the plane in Luang Prabang we instantly felt this town was different. It’s a lot colder than the south of Laos and if we have to believe the people from Don Det, Luang Prabang is also a lot more expensive. So far we didn’t notice anything of these price differences, actually: some things are so much cheaper around here!

The local market
In the heart of Luang Prabang you’ll find the market, which is open from 6am till 10pm. At this market you can shop for clothes, souvenirs, bags, etc, but our favorite part was, of course, the food! You can get a delicious fresh fruit shake for 10.000 Kip, which is around $1,15, or a mouthwatering sandwich with avocado, egg, chicken, salad, cheese, whatever – you name it and they prepare if for you for only 15.000 Kip! Nomnomnom…

Swirling through a beautiful landscape
If you’re up for a 40 minute ride through winding mountain roads, go to the Kuangsi Waterfall. Admission to this waterfall park is 20.000 Kip (around $ 2 dollars) and not only takes you to the waterfalls but also to a bear sanctuary where you see big black bears being happy again after they have hadΒ horrible lives because of horrible humans.

Wow wow wow those waterfalls!
After the bear sancuary you’ll arrive at the waterfalls. The water looks crisp and blue/greenish and the great thing is: you are allowed to jump in! And so we did. After being used to the hot swimming pools at the places we stayed at in the south, we didn’t expect this water to be so-damn-freaking-cold! Aaahh!! So after a short swim and trying to look cool in the photos we got out and continued our walk past the waterfall, all the way to the top where the waterfall is at its biggest. I can honestly say this is probably one of the prettiest waterfalls I have ever seen!

End the day in a perfect world
The perfect ending to this beautiful day was having dinner atΒ Utopia. This beautiful lounge restaurant is hidden at the end of an alley. It has a great vibe, great chill-out areas and great food. Utopia is a bit more expensive than the local places with prices ranging from 40.000 to 70.000 Kip ($ 5-8) but it’s delicious and definitely worth a visit.

Tomorrow we’ll explore the many temples of Luang Prabang, and around 5pm we’ll hop on the night bus which will take us to Huaxay for our next adventure: The Gibbon Experience!

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  • anne-marie

    fantastisch mooi allemaal
    ik zal het moeten doen met een gewone koude douche in plaats van een prachtige koude waterval.

    • evelienlangeveld

      Dat is toch ook lekker mam πŸ™‚ Doe je je ogen dicht en waan je je even in het water op de foto’s! 😘

  • anne-marie

    ja goed idee

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