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Laos – Been there, Don Det

Ok, I have to admit I didn’t make up this title myself, but it’s funny right?! πŸ™‚ We’ve spent two nights at Don Det so far, and we completely took over the slow pace and relaxing vibe around here. Β 

Back to Basic
The bungalows we stay in at Mr B.’s Guesthouse are completely basic. With a cold shower and a toilet that has to be flushed using a bucket of water we merged in with living the simple life, just as most of the locals on this island do. A big muskito net keeps us safe from those little bloodsuckers and the two hammocks on the porch of the bungalow make us chill out like we’ve never done before.

Our bungalows look out over a big communal garden where chickens, roasters, little baby chicks, cats, a dog, a puppy and children happily spend their days.

We’re Dutch so we ride bikes
Renting a bike only costs 1 dollar for a day, so what better way to explore Don Det than by bike? First we drove off to the bridge which connects Don Det to its neighboring island Don Khong. At Don Khong we cycled to the Waterfall Park, where we had a spectacular view on the wild waterfalls. We then walked towards a small beach where we had lunch and hung out in a hammock with the waterfalls at the background. We’re not sure if we can believe the signs, but if they are correct we cycled over 20km!

Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel & Ross
At the restaurant just around the corner of our bungalow Friends-lovers are treated to a marathon of their favorite series: all day. At night a lot of tourists gather around at this bar and chill out in the lounge area to watch their favorite 6 on a big screen.

Today we’re off to Luang Prabang, a small town located in the North of Laos. We heard taking the night bus would take us 30 hours to get there, so to save time and for the sake of our wellbeing we booked a plane ticket to fly there.

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