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USA – I lost my heart to New York City

I heart New York. I’ve had the privilege to visit this a-ma-azing city four times, and each time I discovered something new, felt a new vibe or saw something I did not notice the time before. Many people go to NYC for only a couple of days, so spending your time wisely is of th
e essence. In this blog I’ll list the top 6 things you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Big Apple. Some tips may be evident, but that doesn’t mean they’re less worth your while 🙂

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is an amazing experience itself. The best thing to do is to take the subway to Brooklyn, and start your walk on this historic bridge from there. This way you’ll constantly face NYC’s phenomenal skyline. If you choose to walk the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, make sure you stay on the Brooklyn Heights promenade during sunset. Seeing the sun disappear behind the skyscrapers is a sunset you will long remember.

Sleep no more
I’m not a particularly big fan of plays, but Sleep no more is fantastic! Make sure you buy tickets in advance, and prepare for an insane experience. Sleep no more is situated in an old hotel, and the whole play takes part in this hotel, 6 or 7 stories high! Every guest receives a white mask which you are not allowed to take off during the play. The actors are not wearing masks, so you can recognize them easily. It’s up to you: do you follow the actors and the play through the hotel, or do you wander off on your own to start exploring the hotel yourself?  If you’ve had your shot of drama and you’re done, you can go to the bar of the hotel to enjoy some lovely live jazz music. More info:

The HighlineHigh Line NYC
The highline is a public park built on an old elevated railroad. It is about 2 kilometers long and is located at the lower west side
of Manhattan. Besides walking in/on this beautiful park you can sit back, relax and watch other pedestrians walk by, stop at one of the points where the road crosses the highline for some live urban entertainment, or enjoy the plants and the flowers of this pretty park. If you walk the highline in downtown direction, make sure you visit the Chelsea Market, an indoor food hall, for some snacks and coffee.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Manhattan
It may be one of the most evident things to do in NYC, but when you visit the city that never sleeps a trip towards the top of the Empire State BSkyline by nightuilding or The Top of the Rock cannot be skipped. I’ve been on both of them (twice)
and I think The Top of the Rock is the best option of the two, because you get to see the Empire State Building in all its glory. Tip: go there 30 minutes before the sun starts to set, to watch the bustling streets turn into a city of a million lights.

Eat cheesecake at Carnegie’s
It’s often said that cheesecake at Carnegie Deli is the best cheesecake in New York City. Amen. When you enter the store you get the feeling you’ve landed in the 50’s. Wooden walls, wooden tables and celebrities’ photos hanging on the walls. Make sure you go with an empty stomach, because one cheesecake at Carnegie’s is enough to keep you full all day! Tip: try the cherry or raspberry topping. Mmm!

Take the free ferry to Staten Island
If you want to enjoy the Manhattan downtown skyline and see the Statue of Liberty, but you don’t want to spend too much money on it, taking the free ferry to Staten Island is a great option. This ferry leaves every 30 minutes. When the ferry sails off to SI you immediately get the best possible view of downtown Manhattan. And after a couple of minutes on the ferry you can see her in the distance: the Statue of Liberty! When you’re finished taking some great pictures you can sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular view. More info: Staten Island Ferry schedules

Skyline Downtown Manhattan NYC
I could go on forever writing about this overwhelming city (and maybe I will in a next blog :)). There are so many things to do, so many things to see and so many things to try. If you only get a few days to spend in NYC I’d recommend trying to do all of the above tips. But once you’ve lost your heart to this city you’ll realize: I’ll be back someday.

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