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Vietnam – On the road with the Easy Riders

When you’re in Vietnam a ride at the back of an Easy Rider is something you can not miss. I thought this was one of the most amazing things we have done during our stay in Vietnam.

In every hostel or hotel you can book a tour with the Easy Riders. We left from Nha Trang and drove via DaLat to Mui Ne. These 2 days/1 night cost us about 150 Euro (170 US dollar). This price includes accommodation for the night and endlessly enjoying sitting at the back of the motorbike. You pay for lunch yourself, but since you most likely stop at a local restaurant this will not cost you more than a few bucks. Your backpack will be tied up at the back of the motorbike, which gives you some support to sit comfortably. In this blog I will tell you why a trip with the easy riders makes your journey in Vietnam unforgettable.

You get to see the real Vietnam
In contrast with the typical touristic hotspots, the Easy Riders take you to the real Vietnam. We visited a workshop where rice sheets for those delicious spring rolls were made, we saw how Vietnamese beds were woven and we made a stop at a silk factory. And as if the day hadn’t been great enough already, one of our drivers, Hinh, celebrated his birthday at 00:00. We were invited over for drinks and snacks, and witnessed how much Vietnamese men can drink – and believe me: a lot! Together with friends and family of Hinh we lost track of time and tasted the local rice wine, devoured the snacks and sang songs whilst playing on the guitar. Mot ba hat do! (cheers!)

Easy Riders

You see so much more by just looking around
When you travel by car, train or bus you can enjoy gazing out of the window for hours, but when you are sitting at the back of a motorbike you don’t only see the surroundings – you als feel them. The best moment of this trip was when we drove up into the mountains. After having enjoyed a marvelous view, we started descending down the mountains. Because it was quite a steep descent the Easy Riders turned of their engines and we slid down the mountains without making a sound. The place was completely quiet, so peaceful and so beautiful – I wish this moment lasted forever.

Vietnam has a very versatile landscape
When you visit Vietnam you will most likely visit the big cities and the coastal cities. Because the Easy Riders take you more into the country it is only then when you start to notice how versatile Vietnams landscape is. You drive through green rice fields, over gray mountain peaks, through woody forests and on desert-like sands. In a timeframe of only two days!

The best way to end this journey
When our tour with the Easy Riders almost came to an end, we made one last stop at the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne. At these yellow sand dunes, close to the beach, you’re instantly surrounded by many children offering to rent you a sledge you can use to slide down the sand dunes. And, well… you’re not a real tourist if you don’t take a jump-photo at this place! 🙂
Sand Dunes Mui Ne

Feel like jumping at the back of a motorbike now? Do it! We booked our tour with the ever funny guys of Easy Riders Nha Trang. Have fun!:)

Easy Riders


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