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Hoi An has stolen my heart. You can reach this village in about 14 hours by night train (via Danang) from Hanoi. Hoi An is so special because it is one of the few places in Vietnam that came unharmed out of the Vietnam War. In 1999 UNESCO added Hoi An to it’s list of World Heritage as ‘a good example of a typical South-East Asian international trade center from the 15th – 19th century’. The buildings you will find in Hoi An are a unique combination of local and foreign influences. A good example of one of these buildings is the Japanese Bridge (photo). Visiting this bridge is a definite must whilst staying in Hoi An.

Fashionista’s: welcome to tailor-heaven
Hoi An is very well-known as a tailor village: they can do anything. Whether you’re looking for a new suit or you’d like that one particular dress in another print: you name it, they make it. At every corner in the center of Hoi An you can find a tailor shop, but do use your common sense: if the services are offered for a ridiculously low price you can safely assume the working conditions of the laborers are quite poor. Also, if they offer to have your new piece of wardrobe ready the next day you should start asking questions, because this probably means the employees work all through the night to get your item ready. Keeping this in mind, you can safely buy a new set of custom made, unique clothes. I’m still very happy with my custom made two piece which on a hot summer day is my favorite thing to wear.

As if you stepped into a fairy-tale
By day the streets of Hoi An are a lively, colorful sight and at night it is as if you are living in a fairy-tale. The many Chinese lanterns hanging in the streets of Hoi An make the place look cosy and colorful. Don’t forget to visit the night market to buy a Chinese lantern of your own. Or make a wish and send a floating lantern down the river. And who knows! In fairy-tales wishes may come true…

Tips voor dinner & accomodation
The Little Menu – A very cosy restaurant with delish Vietnamese dishes. Only thinking of this place makes my stomach grumble and waters my mouth!
Nhi Trung Hotel – Perhaps a little too luxurious for the average backpacker, but Nhi Trung is a lovely quiet hotel within walking distance of all the good things Hoi An has to offer.

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